Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thank You SleeperHero

Meet Sleeperhero ... my (I mean Grey's) best friend. Let's just say he is our family's new best friend! Sleeperhero is a doll who is not only designed to help your little one(s) stay in bed at night, but also help them sleep in! He has a light on his chest that changes from red to green. Red meaning "stay in bed" and green meaning "time to wake up."

I love my boy more than anything but he is one of those kids who is up at 6AM and ready to go. I, on the other hand, am not. He also still requires naps daily so I know his body needs more sleep than what he is typically getting by waking up everyday at 6AM.

The first night we used SleeperHero, we explained to Grey that if his chest was red, he was to stay in bed/go to back to sleep but that if it was green, he could get out of bed/wake up. He seemed excited about the idea and also thrilled to have a new friend but ... we still weren't totally sure how it would go.

After a great night's sleep, my husband and I both woke up thinking, "this is too good to be true!"

Our kid had finally slept in. 

And that became the start of our love and appreciation for this cute little buddy. We have been using SleeperHero for almost a week and yes, Grey now sleeps in every morning until 7:30-8AM! We can even hear him moving around in the early mornings but then put himself back to sleep when he sees his SleeperHero is still red (we set ours to turn green at 7AM but you can set if for any time).

There is also a book that goes along with the SleeperHero doll that talks about how he helps conquer bedtime fears. Because this isn't a current issue for Grey, we opted out of using the book. But it is a brilliant idea for those kids who struggle with bedtime fears.

We know that you and your kiddos will fall in love with SleeperHero as much as we have! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Shop SleeperHero here:

Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to School with Cottonon Kids

The bunny starts Pre-K this week and we are a little over-the-top excited for him! It's been a busy and fun summer but we're ready to get back in the swing of things and get him back on a schedule! We are looking forward to seeing new friendships flourish as well as watching him grow and develop into the little man the Lord has created him to be. 

This boy is all about comfort so when picking out an outfit for his first day back, we went with this cool and comfortable look from Cottonon Kids. If you're looking for stylish, comfortable, and affordable clothes for your littles, Cottonon Kids is a one stop shop for all of your back to school clothing needs! They offer everything from basic tees, hoodies, jeans, shoes, accessories, you name it! 

We hope you and your kiddos have fun creating new memories as you prepare for their first day of school.

xx Mia & Grey 

Shop Grey's look here. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Roux's Bedroom Tour

After hearing the words "It's a girl" at our 18 week check up, I was so giddy about the idea of being able to decorate our baby girl's nursery! I have always loved decorating Grey's bedroom but I felt like I had just experienced a whole new level of excitement that day!

I knew I wanted to incorporate a couple different shades of pinks, and maybe some grays and tans but I wasn't sure about a specific theme. The only thing I was certain of was her furniture because it was something that I had been eyeing for months. We chose Babyletto's Hudson collection. It is clean and modern and exactly what I had in mind for her bedroom. Since I still wasn't certain about the bedroom theme, I decided that I would just start collecting items I loved throughout my pregnancy and let it come together organically.

We spent the last few months of my pregnancy painting, decorating, and talking about the day when we would bring our sweet girl home from the hospital.

After she was born, we added some final touches and I am absolutely in love with how it has all come together. It is everything I envisioned (and more) for our sweet girl's bedroom and I hope you love it as much as we do!

xx Mia

personalized crib sheet: woolf with me | washabale rug: lorena canals | shelves: ikea | diapers & wipes: parasol co (receive $20 off your first time subscription with code: ROUX) | chandelier: restoration hardware | house shelves: target | mobile: sproutling co | 'life is too' short poster: minimodel gallery | luckyboysunday doll: communityfolk | 'puppi' poster: olive et oriel | 'roux baby' banner: DIY project | woven wall art: woven by sarajo | clothing rack: dither & dot | ball garland: DIY project made by grandma | ice cream hooks: minimodel gallery | toy pram: ooh noo | b&w nesting doll decoration: little pine shop | tutudumonde dress: apple baby store | play gym: finn + emma | white chair: walmart

Monday, June 20, 2016

Is This Really a Diaper?

Being a mother of two and having recently learned about some of the yucky chemicals that are added to traditional diapers sold on the market today, it has been important for me to be able to find a diaper that is safe and gentle on my little one's bum. We have tried almost every diaper brand out there so when we heard about a new company that was launching their chlorine-free & hypoallergenic diaper, we were thrilled to be able to put them to the test.

When our Parasol monthly subscription arrived, I was so excited to try them on Roux. After opening our package, one of the first thoughts that went through my mind was, 'Is this really a diaper? No wonder they call them disposable underwear.' These are hands down the softest and thinnest diapers we have ever used! And their bold & fun prints are to die for! Our subscription also came with 2 packs of full-size wipes and 2 packs of travel-size wipes. These soft wipes are naturally scented with cucumber and aloe and smell oh-so-yummy.

Performance wise, these diapers have held up great! After one week of using them, we have not had one leak or blowout. Roux also had a diaper rash that just wasn't going away and after switching over to Parasol diapers and wipes, her little bum finally cleared up.

Parasol has made changing diapers fun and I am really looking forward to all of the adventures and 'firsts' that our sweet Roux will experience in her disposable underwear.

If you'd like to try them out, you can receive $20 off your first month's subscription by clicking here or by using code 'ROUX' at checkout.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments below or by emailing us at



Monday, May 2, 2016

Just a Few of Roux's Favorite Things

Whether you’ve got a bun in the oven, already have a little one, or are looking to buy that perfect baby gift for a friend, here is a list of ‘must have’ baby items that I promise you’ll love as much as we do!

Solly Baby Wrap: We are obsessed! If it were up to Roux, she would be held all day so our wrap is an everyday essential. I can wear her and yet my hands are still free to take care of tasks around the house as well as be available for our busy 4 year old. They offer a variety of fun colors and prints and if you’ve never worn a wrap before, they do a great job at demonstrating the different ways you can wear your little here.

Owlet Baby Monitor: The Owlet is a wireless smart sock that fits on your baby’s foot (up to 18 mos.) It uses Pulse Oximetry (the same technology hospitals use when they use that finger clip) to accurately detect your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep. The best part: you can view it all on your phone. How cool is that? We put the Owlet sock on Roux at night and while it is not a replacement for safe sleeping practices, it has given both James and I an added sense of security knowing that it is designed to alert us if she were to stop breathing. We are so grateful to have been able to find a product made by a company that we feel we can trust. You can learn more about the Owlet Baby Monitor here.

DockAtot: I have to believe that one of the reasons we have a great little sleeper on our hands is because she gets to sleep in one cozy little bed. One of the main reasons I was originally drawn to the DockATot was because they use the highest quality of breathable & non-toxic material. It is also compliant with the US safety standards. It is machine washable and also light enough to be moved around the house. I love watching our sweet girl drift off to sleep in her cozy DockAtot.

bloom coco go organic 3-in-1 lounger: When Roux isn’t eating or sleeping, she’s hanging out in her big girl seat. This lounger has 3 recline positions and includes a 2 speed vibration unit. The seat pads are machine washable and the base is anti-skid which has been very practical for us since I find myself sliding it around our hardwood floors during the day. What I love most about this lounger is that it is stylish and modern, which means I don’t have to hide it in a closet when Roux isn’t in it. Win Win! bloom also carries a line of stylish cribs, dressers, and high chairs that you can find here.

Kid + Kind blanket: Since bringing Roux home from the hospital, our Kid + Kind blanket has become our 'go to' blanket for almost everything: keeping her warm, laying her on it during tummy/play time, and even using it as a carseat cover. Grey and I call it Roux's "special blankie." This cozy blanket is so soft and I promise you will find yourself wanting to snuggle up underneath it with your babe! Kid + Kind also carries a line of comfy & playful clothing items that you can find here. 

Lorena Canals Rug: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a little crazy when it comes to dirty carpets and rugs so naturally I was more than excited to hear that these high quality rugs are also machine washable. Thankfully I am no longer a stress case when Grey knocks over his messy snack or Roux has a major blowout! They offer a generous selection of beautiful rugs and you'll be sure to find one that goes with any bedroom theme!

Wash with Water Bath Products: We all know how sensitive that newbie baby skin can be so we were thrilled to be able to get our hands on a bath product that didn’t include all those yucky & unnecessary chemicals. These organic products have exceeded all of our expectations. They leave both our kiddo’s skin feeling oh-so-soft and let's not forget to mention how yummy they smell after bath time! There’s not a night that goes by when Grey doesn’t ask for his "favorite lotion." You can read all about Wash with Water’s ‘Promise’ to their customer’s here.

Plum + Sparrow Moses Basket: One of my favorite activities with the littles right now is taking them out back to play. I love letting Roux lounge in her Plum + Sparrow moses basket while big brother runs around. These beautiful baskets are sturdy, yet light enough to travel with you wherever you go. Not only are these baskets well made, they stand behind a great cause. With every basket sold, Plum + Sparrow donates 10% to help take care of African families in need. We are so excited for all of the fun adventures and memories that Roux will experience this year in her moses basket.

Nuroo Swaddler: Our sweet girl loves to be swaddled but is a little wiggle worm so we were pretty excited to have found a swaddle that kept her secure and snug! What I love most about this swaddler is that it is designed to grow with your baby until they are able to roll over so there isn't a need to purchase multiple swaddles in various sizes. Roux prefers her Nuroo swaddler over any other and it is so sweet to watch her body relax while placing her in it. 

Finn + Emma Playgym: We just adore this fun playgym! It is so hip and modern and adds the perfect touch to any home or nursery. Roux instantly lights up when playing underneath it. She just loves hanging out and chatting with her sweet friends. Finn + Emma has also created a play mat that pairs great with the play gym but can also be used as a changing mat or stroller liner. I promise you will love this fun line as much as we do. 
Find out how you can enter to win some of these amazing products by visiting our Instagram page here.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Welcoming Roux

As I sit down to reflect on Roux’s birth story, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and joy as I think about the calling that has been placed on my life to mother my two littles. Although it has only been a little over a month since our sweet baby’s arrival, we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without her.

On the morning of March 10, we walked into the hospital to be induced. For months, we had talked about this day but I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that we would finally be meeting her! After checking in and getting settled into our room, we met our nurse Katie and I was feeling pretty excited that we had scored in the “best nurse” department. ;) At around 8:30AM she started me on Pitocin and within a half hour, I began having consistent contractions. She let us know that our doctor would be coming by the hospital in the next couple of hours to check on me and would likely be breaking my water. James and I relaxed and watched some TV while our sweet baby was having hiccup parties in the womb. Although I wasn’t experiencing pain with my contractions, I started feeling nervous about the timing of my epidural (I unfortunately waited a little too long while in labor with Grey) and my instinct told me that I needed to get it before having my water broke. After receiving my epidural, my doctor came in to check on me (I was dilated to 3cm) and also broke my water. I thought it would be a good time to take a nap while we waited for my body to progress. About an hour into my sleep I woke because I was feeling a bit uncomfortable so my nurse decided to check me. I was hoping that at this point I would be dilated to a 4, maybe a 5 and I heard the words that every mama who is in labor is dying to hear: “You are a 10.”


My doctor had just checked me a little over an hour ago and I was dilated to a 3. I was in so much shock and I started to cry as it finally hit me that she was coming! Our doctor arrived quickly and after having me push once, she asked if I wanted to feel her head. This was not something that I was able to experience with Grey but I wish I had because it was probably one of the sweetest moments during my labor with Roux. She asked me to push again with my next contraction and before I could push, I heard the words “... or just have a baby.” Our little Roux James was here! And she came fast! They laid her on my chest and I took one look at her sweet face and instantly fell in love. Words cannot even begin to express the amount of joy that I felt in that very moment. This tiny 6 pound 12 oz baby that I had carried and nourished for 40 weeks was finally here. Every little feature on her face was so perfect and beautiful. We had James' mom bring Grey to the hospital to meet his sister. Seeing my two babies together for the first time is something that I will never forget. Grey held her and giggled as he talked about all of her small features.

It’s been just over a month since we brought her home and we are more in love with her today then we were when we first met her. I am so proud of how well Grey has adjusted and how sweet and gentle he is with his sister. My husband James has been unbelievably helpful with not only managing both littles but also helping around the house. Seeing him love and care for our children has made me love and appreciate him in a whole new way. Being a family of 4 just feels so right and I am grateful for my new ‘normal.’

Hugs, Mia

Monday, September 21, 2015

Where our value comes from

I decided to write on a topic that really resinates with me and hits close to home. In my early childhood years, I remember wanting to belong and be apart of something. I wasn’t sure what that ‘something’ was but I spent a lot of those years looking to things that had little or no value. In high school I remember a friend telling me that if I had ‘just lost 15 pounds,’ I would be ‘so cute.’ I did well in school but I was consumed with my physical appearance and struggled with a lack of self confidence. Fast forward to my early and mid 20’s and I found that I was constantly comparing myself to other women. I could share about some of the bumps and struggles along the way but I will wait until another blog post for that.

It has been a process but God has allowed for me to see where my true source of security & value come from. Not from others, my physical appearance, material possessions, or even financial status. And when I feel myself go there - when I start to compare myself to others or find myself wishing my life looked differently than what it is now, God gently reminds me that He is enough and I am able to shift my mind to what I know is true.

I know the struggle we have as women to compare ourselves to others and to chase after things that only bring temporary happiness and joy in the end. Unfortunately, we live in a world that tells us that being prettier, thinner, and richer equals success and value. Don't allow your joy to be stripped from you because you are consumed by what you think your life should look like. I felt compelled to share part of my journey with you and my hope is that you are able to find encouragement in some of these truths.

Love & Hugs,